EPI is used for all cruise calls and affects the quay dues.

On departure each ship will be asked to complete a web-based form, providing information about energy consumption and other details. This must be done no later than 72 hours after departure. The data will be reported into a central database held at DNVGL, who will act as a hub for data collection, quality control and index (score) calculation. The port will only have access to the final score of the ship. Based on reported data, the ship will get a score between 0 (worst) and 100 (best).

The quay dues will then get the following % change:
Score under 40 ((40 – EPI score) x 1/100) x 100% = % extra
Score over 40 ((40 – EPI score) / 8 x EPI score)) x 100% = % discount

If the ship does not report the required data within 72 hours, the ship will receive a EPI score of 0. If the ship is equipped for shore power, the ship will receive a minimum score of 30 until the port can offer shore power to cruiseships.

For more information visit epiport.org